Afterhours: The Night Belongs to Us vol. 4 [Limited Edition, Collectible CD]
Afterhours: The Night Belongs to Us vol. 4 [Limited Edition, Collectible CD]

Afterhours: The Night Belongs to Us vol. 4 [Limited Edition, Collectible CD]


The History

Afterhours gets right to the heart of MK837’s origins. Oddly, it wasn’t in some hole in the wall club, it was on a farm at an annual Christian music festival. Dave used to run a blog and online community called Tastyfresh that was focused on Christians who were into electronic dance music. The site covered both Gospel/Christian electronica and secular and it was originally started by a couple of other gentlemen who’s names have largely become lost to time.

In late 2006, Dave was asked to take over the electronic music stage at the Cornerstone Music Festival. The stage had been struggling for several years now and needed new leadership. Dave came in with Kevin Oneel and Deeflash and others on the early MK837 roster and turned the stage around. Within the first year, attendance was up. Artists like Treasure Fingers, Shiloh, Stryke, Kenneth Thomas, Topher Jones and more were brought in over the next few years as nightly headliners. Specialized lighting and sound teams were brought to Illinois from Alabama and Wisconsin. Every year was something different and built on the previous years’ experience and each night the small stage drew hundreds of people like an oasis in a sea of scream-o and emo.

In 2008, Dave and his team put went armed with a mix compilation of new, unreleased music and simply gave it away. These Afterhours CDs were fully replicated, mixed and tracked out, shrink wrapped and more. Only 1000 were made. Each of the following years until 2011, another compilation was produced and given away. Those who came to the festival every year sought these out as collectors’ items.

Recently, Dave rediscovered a box with the only remaining copies of these CDs. Due to contractual obligations, we can’t put a collector’s price on these, but you can later if you want to resell. We’re just charging enough to cover packing and shipping costs. So… without further fanfare, here is Afterhours: The Night Belongs to Us vol. 4.

Afterhours: The Night Belongs to Us vol. 4.

Compiled chopped, twisted and Mixed by Jeremy Kadinger

Includes all or portions of tracks by:

  • Adam Vegys
  • Andy Hunter°
  • C&C
  • Coco O’Conner
  • Cristian Paduraru
  • D-fected
  • Dave Richards
  • Deeflash
  • DJ Epiphany & Taylor Franklin
  • DJ Salty Flavor
  • DJ Steve Wade
  • Eric Elleo
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Fusion Six ft. Harvey Fresh
  • Jeremy Kadinger
  • Kevin Oneel
  • L4Z3R
  • Levi Whalen
  • Mark Webb
  • Mistadool ft. Scott Anderson
  • Science Drop ft. Steve van Dened
  • Noadja ft. Hadassa
  • Paul Andrew
  • Pete Le Freq
  • Ronnie Rask
  • Sergio Mix & Van Lazarux
  • Semper
  • Xen Ochren